Prices and availability are subject to change.

Part Price Details
Bearings $0.15/ea Replacement bearings for your bike.
Bearing Cup $2.00/cup. Replacement bearing cups for your bike.
Cables $6.00/cable Broken, frayed, old cables? OEM Jagwire galvanized cables, Price is per cable. Most bikes have 4 cables in total.
Cable Housing $1.00/foot. Segments will be cut on the spot. Sticky and unresponsive shifting/braking?
Ferrules $0.50/ea Replacement ferrules for brakes. Most bikes have 2 ferrules.
Nuts, Bolts, Spacers $2.00/item General replacement parts for fitting purposes
Patch Kits $2.00/ea Flat tire? Too cheap to buy a new tube?
Rim Tape $6.00/roll Prevent your rims from giving you flats.
Single Speed Chain $10.00/ea KMC Z410
Seven/Eight Speed Chain $10.00/ea KMC Z51
Nine Speed Chain $20.00/ea KMC x9-73
Ten Speed Chain $30.00/ea KMC x10
Kenda Tires $25.00/ea
Kenda tubes. $6.00/ea Most sizes available and in stock.
Pedals $15.00/set Bored of your current pedals? Missing pedals? Colors and models depend on availability.
Locks $26.00/ea Kryptonite U-lock. Helps prevent theft.
Cloth Bar Tape $6.00/roll Make your bike look nicer!
Cork Bar Tape $15.00/roll Make your bike look nicer AND more comfortable
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